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Your doctor is Marcin Łata

The number of the license to practice the profession: 2745238.
We have created the service to be able to provide patients with the possibility of using the services of a virtual doctor without leaving home. We offer a wide range of online consultations.
Below you can find some facts about Your doctor that may be of interest to you.

Marcin Łata regularly improves his knowledge and enriches his skills, which is confirmed by numerous certificates:

Online doctor - what does the consultation look like?

Online medical consultation takes place in the comfort of your own home or from anywhere you are through an online connection, most often by videoconference. The information obtained from the doctor is tantamount to a stationary visit.

  • You fill out a short form via the website.
  • You make the payment for the visit by convenient online transfer via PayU
  • You are waiting for a contact from the doctor (usually within an hour of registration)

You can make an appointment with a doctor online here

What are the benefits of an on-line visit?


The waiting time is definitely shorter than the waiting time for a stationary visit


Comfort and convenience during your visit


Online consultation with a doctor is much cheaper

Online doctor? How is it?

Internet doctor online?


Chat with doctor online?

Online doctor registration - simple instructions:

1. Fill in a form

Fill out a short form and describe the reason for your visit to a virtual doctor

2. Pay

At this stage, you pay for the tele-advice, where the doctor will issue you an e-release or online e-prescription if necessary

4. Teleconsultation

Enjoy the professional help of Telemedicine and remember to ask the e-doctor about everything that worries you

Doctor wishes you a lot of health!

But he will always provide professional help when needed

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I get a prescription from a doctor online?

Yes! During the on-line medical consultation, the doctor will issue you with an e-prescription that you can use at any pharmacy. You will get a code that you give to the pharmacist. In addition, the doctor will issue you a sick leave if necessary, which will automatically appear at the employer.

When can I see an online doctor?

You can use this service whenever you need to consult a doctor, for example:

  • Your doctor’s office is closed
  • You cannot make an appointment with a doctor
  • You feel too sick to leave the house
  • You need urgent care for your children
  • You are sick while traveling or you forgot your prescription

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