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National Day Against Depression: Understanding, supporting and breaking down stigma

National Anti-Depression Day, celebrated annually on 23 February, when health professionals and other authors, seek to raise awareness of depression among the general public, foster understanding and promote mental health. The day provides an opportunity to dispel stereotypes, encourage open conversations and mobilise efforts to destigmatise mental health issues.
breast cancer, the lady in the pink T-shirt points her hand at her breast

Breast cancer – types, symptoms, treatment

Breast cancer affects many women around the world. Cancer occurs when cells start dividing and multiplying uncontrollably. Typically, breast cancer forms in the lobules or..

Conjunctivitis – the most important information

Conjunctivitis can have different causes. Most often it is an allergic, bacterial or viral basis. It is characterized by itchy, red eyes and tearing. It..
Turner Syndrome (Monosomy X)

Turner Syndrome (Monosomy X)

Turner syndrome is a genetic disease caused by an abnormality in the structure of one of the sex chromosomes. Man has 23 pairs of chromosomes..
the boy has hepatitis, the doctor gives the boy an ultrasound

Viral hepatitis

Hepatitis is usually caused by a viral infection, but there are other causes as well. These include autoimmune hepatitis, which is caused by the abuse..
Celiac disease

Celiac disease – symptoms, causes, treatment

Celiac disease is simply gluten intolerance. This is a digestive disorder caused by an abnormal immune response to gluten. It is a protein naturally found..
Deep vein thrombosis

Deep vein thrombosis – all you need to know

Deep vein thrombosis is a serious disease in which a blood clot forms in a vein deep under the skin. It is a cluster..

Laryngologist – Who is it? What’s wrong?

Who is a laryngologist? It never happens that we have a problem with bays. Most often it is a month of autumn and autumn, but..

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