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Consultation with a sick leave or medical certificate



Infections, pains and other ailments:

The doctor will contact with You as soon as possible, usually within 60 minutes; in exceptional circumstances, the contact will take place not later than 23:00.
Registering for a consultation / continuing pharmacotherapy after 23:00 can be done the next morning.


Sick leave can only be given to a sick person or a person who has symptoms of disease

Frequently asked questions regarding
medical consultation with an e-prescription

Yes. The issuance of an e-leave depends on the doctor’s decision, just like in the case of a stationary visit.

Yes. The sick leave will be completed in the ZUS system. If the employer does not have an account with PUE ZUS, the doctor will inform about the need to provide the Patient’s e-ZLA.

Due to the delay in updating the data in the PUE ZUS system, the e-exemption may be visible only 72 hours after completing the application.

No. The doctor may refuse to issue an e-certificate if he / she decides that the patient is not ill. The patient will receive detailed information related to the refusal. If the doctor cannot help you, we will refund your money. If you have any doubts before the consultation, call or write on Facebook

The cost of online medical consultation for e-leave is PLN 249.

Sick leave online

e-Sick leave is an electronic form of sick leave, i.e. the traditional L4. E-exemption is also called e-ZLA. Online sick leave makes life easier for the patient. After being issued, it is automatically transferred to the employer or to ZUS. So in today’s technology age, you can not only get a sick leave online without leaving your home, and You don’t even have to leave your home to deliver this document to Your employer.

Advantages of sick leave online



Online sick leave is always handy electronically. E-ZLA stays in the system forever and will be automatically transferred to Your workplace. It takes less time to issue a medical certificate online than to complete a paper document. Some of your data will be automatically downloaded from the system, so it is secured.



Your virtual doctor will contact you within 60 minutes of payment. After the teleconsultation You will get an online sick leave. The process has never been so quick and easy. E-sick leave by phone – in today’s technology it is possible. Make an online medical appointment and Telemedyk will provide you with professional medical advice.



You can easily get sick leave online. Thanks to an online medical consultation with a Telemedyk, you can arrange L4 online without leaving your home. Your e-ZLA will be automatically transferred to ZUS or your employer. Get back to health faster, and Telemedyk will help to facilitate paperwork.
Fast, easy and safe.

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How does it work and what is e-ZLA?

Sick leave online


Sick leave via phone?

Online doctor registration - simple instruction:

1. Fill in a form

Fill in a short form and describe the reason for Your visit to the online clinic

2. Pay

At this stage, You pay for your online consultation, where Telemedyk will issue you a sick leave online, if it's necessary

3. Make an online appointment with doctor

Telemedyk is already calling you to arrange an online medical appointment

4. Teleconsultation

Enjoy the professional advice of Telemedyk service and remember to ask the e-doctor about everything, what You need.

5. Receive sick leave

The e-leave is automatically transferred to Your employer, so You don't have to leave your home when you are sick

Telemedyk wishes you a lot of health!

But he will always provide professional help, when You need it

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