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How does it work? What is Telemedicine?

Don't worry, we have many payment options!

E-prescription – This is the electronic form of a regular paper medical prescription. You will receive the e-prescription in an electronic version in the form of SMS, e-mail or information printout.

  • Possibility to buy various medications from one e-prescription in different pharmacies or at a different time.
  • You won’t lose it. The e-prescription stays in the electronic system and it is enough to enter a four-digit code and a Pesel in the pharmacy.
  • You can use the e-prescription at any pharmacy in the country
  • You will have no problems deciphering the doctor’s handwriting
  • Most often, an e-prescription is valid for 30 days (an e-prescription for antibiotics is valid for 7 days)

E-leave is an electronic form of traditional L4 sick leave. E-exemption is also called e-ZLA at Poland.

  • Sick leave is always in electronic form, which means you don’t have to leave your home to get it.
  • It will be automatically transferred from the doctor to your workplace

Yes! Online doctor’s recommendations are just as important as when visiting a doctor’s office.

After the online medical consultation, you are entitled to an e-prescription or a sick leave if required.

Your doctor will be Marcin Łata, who has so far conducted over 10,000 telemedicine consultations (online, chat, video call, by phone). You can read more about the doctor here

The doctor will contact as soon as possible, usually within 60 minutes; in exceptional circumstances, the contact will take place no later than 23:00 on a given day. Registering for a consultation / continuing pharmacotherapy after 11 p.m. can be done the next morning.

The price list of online medical consultations can be found here.

  • Enter here and choose the purpose of your visit
  • Fill out a short form regarding your health problem
  • Cover your consultation in a convenient way for you via PayU
  • Wait for a contact from the doctor (usually up to 60 minutes. In exceptional cases, the contact will take place up to 23:00 on a given day)

Telemedicine - what is it?

Telemedicine is based on remote patient care. During the visit, the patient and the doctor are not physically close to each other, but they can see or hear each other virtually. Thanks to the development of telemedicine, contact with a doctor is easier and faster. Thanks to instant messaging (Messenger, WhatsApp), we can connect with a doctor of a selected specialization, practically all over the world. Most often, the telemedicine visit takes place by means of a teleconference, during which the doctor can visually see the patient and see any changes caused by the disease.

The online doctor will conduct an interview and consultations the same as during a stationary visit. If necessary, he will issue us an e-prescription or e-leave, which will be automatically delivered to Your boss.

The main advantages of telemedicine


Waiting time

The time in this case is beyond comparison. We wait months or even years for an appointment with a specialist. In the case of a virtual visit, the waiting time may be even several hours.



You can visit your home from the comfort of your couch. We feel more comfortable at home. The patient does not have to spend time commuting, arrange childcare, or ask the boss for a vacation.



Besides saving time, the main advantage is saving money. An online visit usually costs much less than a stationary visit, we save on traveling to a specialist (fuel, bus or train ticket, taxi).



You are not on the move for a medical appointment. If you have an illness that you can pass on to others (colds, flu and others), you stop transmitting the virus by telemedicine. By using this form of contact with a doctor, you also do not have to worry about infection in the doctor’s office or waiting room.



The possibilities are endless. You can benefit from the doctor’s knowledge in every corner of Poland and even the world.

Telemedicine - what is it?

Doctor online?

E-prescription online?

Virtual doctor?

Online doctor registration - simple instructions:

1. Fill in a form

Fill out a short form and describe the reason for your visit to a virtual doctor

2. Pay

At this stage, you pay for the tele-advice, where the Telemedicine will issue you an sick leave or online e-prescription, if necessary

4. Teleconsultation

Enjoy the professional help of Telemedicine and remember to ask the e-doctor about everything that worries you

Doctor wishes you a lot of health!

But he will always provide professional help when needed

The online doctor service is intended for all those who want to consult a doctor quickly. During an on-line medical consultation, the doctor will not examine us personally, but during a videoconference he is able to see changes, for example, on the body. During the e-visit, the doctor will issue us with an e-prescription or if necessary, an e-release. An online doctor is an ideal solution for people who value time, as well as for those who do not have the opportunity to go to a doctor’s office.

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