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Blood test intrepretation


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Blood test interpretation

Blood morphology and other tests interpreted online during teleconsultation

Frequently asked questions regarding
medical medical consultation in case of online blood test results interpretation

Depending on the patient’s needs, about 15 minutes.

Later, just wait for an email confirming the visit. Then you should pick up the call from the doctor on 601 539 399, usually the doctor will call you within an hour of registration.

When completing the form, there is an option to add medical records (e.g. discharge from hospital, medical certificates, confirmation of the medications used, etc.).

It is not necessary to set up an account on telemedyk.online, but if in the future you do not want to manually fill in your data in the forms, it is a good option.

No. We know what the situation is in connection with COVID-19, which is why we have created the Telemedyk.online website, where you can ask all your questions online or by phone.

Interpreting blood results

Basic preventive examinations should be performed by every person at least several times a year. Regular blood tests allow you to monitor your health and help to detect early any disturbing processes in the human body before the symptoms of the disease appear. The main thing in the blood test – the correct interpretation of the test results. With today’s technology it is possible to interpret blood results online.

Only a professional doctor can correctly interpret the test results. Today it is possible to read blood test results online and patients do not need to visit the clinic in person. The telemedicine can not only interpret the test results, but also provide online medical advice. If there is such a need, it will issue an e-prescription, extend permanent medications, and in the event of disease, each patient can also get an e-leave without leaving home.

The main advantages of interpreting blood results online



Interpretation of the test results during teleportation will take much less time compared to a traditional visit to a clinic. The telemedicine will provide you with professional help, answer all your questions by phone, and, if necessary, issue an e-prescription or e-release.



Interpretation of blood test results and online medical consultation – nowadays it is possible without leaving your home.
Fast, easy and safe.



Online interpretation of blood results – the fastest way to read the results correctly. Telemedicine will contact you within 60 minutes of payment. During the teleconsultation, you will get medical advice and online blood test results interpretation.

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What is the interpretation of blood results?

The telemedicine will professionally interpret your blood tests

During the consultation, Telemedicine will provide you with appropriate information about your health

If necessary, Telemedicine will issue you with an e-release or e-prescription

Registration to an e-doctor - simple instructions:

1. Complete the form

Fill out a short form and describe the reason for your visit to the online clinic

2. Make the payment

At this stage, you pay for an online medical consultation where the results of your tests will be thoroughly discussed

3. Make an appointment

Your virtual doctor will call you back within an hour of payment

4. Teleconsultation

Enjoy a professional online medical consultation and remember to ask your virtual doctor about everything that interests and worries you

Telemedicine wishes you a lot of health!

But he will always provide professional help when needed

Did you get your test results and you don’t know what they mean, and the doctor just took a vacation? Do not worry. Contact us and learn about the interpretation of the test results today! All you need to do is contact me via the contact form, and I will quickly analyze the results and contact you. Just pay for the service and wait for a doctor to contact you. Everything is fast and you don’t have to worry unnecessarily. If you need to, you can also consult an online doctor.

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