Consultation with an e-Prescription

104,00 zł

89,00 zł

Consultation with a sick leave

264,00 zł

249,00 zł

Emergency contraception (morning after pill)

94,00 zł

79,00 zł

Hormonal contraception

94,00 zł

79,00 zł

E-prescription continuation

94,00 zł

79,00 zł

Blood test interpretation

214,00 zł

199,00 zł

Erectile dysfunction

94,00 zł

79,00 zł

Psychiatric consultation

265,00 zł

250,00 zł

Consultation with psychologist

Consultation with a sick leave

174,00 zł

159,00 zł

Emergency contraception (morning after pill)

84,00 zł

69,00 zł

Hormonal contraception

84,00 zł

69,00 zł

Online medical consultation - how does it work?

Making an appointment with a doctor has never been easier!

3 simple steps are enough to quickly and easily contact your doctor.

Step 1: Complete a short form about your health problem

You contact us whenever you need a quick consultation with a doctor. You fill out the appropriate form in which you provide your data.

Step 2: You pay for the visit

Thanks to fast PayU payments, you will pay for the service at an express pace. We handle payments from most banks in Poland.

Step 3: Wait for a doctor to contact you

Soon a doctor will contact you for an online consultation.

Online medical consultation?


E-prescription online?

Sick leave online?

Online medical consultation - simple instructions:

1. Fill in a form

Fill out a short form and describe the reason for your visit to a virtual doctor

2. Pay

At this stage, you pay for a consultation during which doctor will issue you a sick leave or online e-prescription, if necessary

4. Teleconsultation

Enjoy the professional help of Telemedicine and remember to ask the e-doctor about everything that worries you

Doctor wishes you a lot of health!

But he will always provide professional help when needed

Thanks to the development of digitization, we can settle many matters from our computer, in the comfort of our home. This possibility has also moved to doctor’s offices. Now you can quickly make an online medical consultation on at a time convenient for you.

During the online medical consultation, the doctor will conduct a medical interview with you and interpret the test results. The online doctor has the option of issuing an e-prescription or an e-leave that will appear at the employer before you complete the visit.

Online consultation is tantamount to a visit to the office. Although the doctor cannot examine you physically, he can order tests to diagnose you. The doctor’s recommendations are just as important and professional as when visiting a doctor’s office.