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Aesthetic medicine

Is it worth using the services of aesthetic medicine?

The scope of treatments related to aesthetic medicine ranges between cosmetic procedures and plastic surgery methods. Aesthetic medicine allows you to achieve the desired cosmetic effect using minimally invasive methods, using the same methods that interfere with the tissues lying under the epidermis.

Aesthetic medicine

What treatments does aesthetic medicine offer?

Treatments closely related to aesthetic medicine are:
Removal of scars and wrinkles
Modeling the face and body “without a scalpel”, for example removing cellulite or stretch marks
Hair removal in the desired parts of the body
Fight against acne
Removing tattoos
Removal of hemangiomas, cosmetically undesirable capillaries
Removal of warts, warts
Treatments to minimize other skin imperfections
The methods used by aesthetic medicine often allow for effective and long-term modification of imperfections. Treatments, however, have some limitations related to a relatively small interference with the body. Breast augmentation or modifications related to the facial skeleton are rather within the limits of plastic surgery.

What methods does aesthetic medicine use?

Laser therapy – laser light with different wavelengths allows for point treatments under the epidermis and within it.
Therapy with radio waves – spot applied allows to activate the skin remodeling processes
Filling with hyaluronic acid – volumetry.
Therapy with botulinum acid “Botox”
Light therapy other than laser light
Chemical and mechanical peels
Other methods favoring skin remodeling and removing imperfections
The selection of methods and the effectiveness of the desired modifications depend on the selection of the appropriate treatment unit and the expected effects.

Who is aesthetic medicine for?

The purpose of aesthetic medicine is to help people who want to correct their perceived imperfections in their body. Aesthetic treatments are aimed at people:
Experienced cosmetic defect caused by various disease states, e.g. virus infection, acne, burns, …
About aging skin – some problems related to the aging of the skin and the blood vessels visible on the skin can be minimized with the help of minimally invasive treatments
Wishing to correct their cosmetic defects
There is not one single group of recipients of aesthetically oriented medicine. Potentially anyone interested, after consulting an aesthetic medicine doctor, can get help.

Who performs the treatments and what is their effectiveness?

Aesthetic medicine treatments are usually performed by a team of doctors, dentists or cosmetologists. There is no separate medical specialization “aesthetic medicine doctor” in Poland. Aesthetic medicine specialists are usually educated on external courses. There is no separate specialization even in the country where aesthetic treatments are performed most, i.e. in the USA.
The effectiveness of the treatment depends on the expectations of the potential patient and the given treatments that are proposed to the patient. We invite you to use the services of the MediVita aesthetic medicine clinic in Tarnów.

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