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Flu, Q&A – questions and answers

1. Flu vaccine – is it worth getting vaccinated in 2020?

Yes, in the era of the covid-19 pandemic, we should not forget about other viruses that may attack us. The flu vaccine does not protect us 100%, but it gives us a chance to: avoid infection with the flu virus or ease the course of infection with this virus.

2. Can I get flu and coronavirus at the same time?

Unfortunately, yes, but a person vaccinated against the flu has a chance to avoid a double infection – with the flu virus and covid-19 virus at the same time – such a “double infection” could be associated with a worse prognosis and possible more serious complications for the patient.

Flu: a woman is sick in bed, sneezing into a white napkin

3. Can I get flu despite having the vaccine?

Yes, however, a primary care physician who receives a vaccinated patient with symptoms of a viral respiratory tract infection will be able to perform a differential diagnosis more easily, thus suspecting a patient with a higher probability of e.g. coronavirus infection.

4. Are there flu tests that can detect this disease quickly?

Yes, there are immunochromatographic tests, sometimes it is advisable to verify them with a genetic test, due to the potentially false negative results. The waiting time for the result is 1-3 days depending on the laboratory. The test material is a throat swab.

5. How many people in the world die from flu?

Hundreds of thousands a year around the world.

6. Is the coronavirus infection more severe than the flu virus infection?

Yes, it is an infection with a more severe clinical picture and a higher mortality rate on a global scale.

7. Does the flu vaccine reduce the course of coronavirus infection?

No, there are currently no certain data that would support this hypothesis. Research is currently underway in many countries around the world on a vaccine against tuberculosis (bcg vaccine) to show whether this vaccine has a protective effect against covid-19. In Australia, for example, scientists are studying the effects of the bcg vaccine on 4,000 health workers there. Preliminary research results are expected to be released in autumn 2020.

8. How much does the vaccine cost?

The cost of 1 vaccine is about PLN 45-50.

9. Can I get my child vaccinated against?

Yes, as long as the child is over 6 months old. In addition, a second dose of the vaccine should be given to children under 9 years of age who have not been previously vaccinated against , at least 4 weeks after the first dose. Vaccination should be postponed in the event of an acute illness, infection or fever.

10. Can I buy  the vaccine at a pharmacy without a prescription?

Unfortunately not. You need a prescription from a doctor. The e-prescription can be obtained quickly during consultation with a doctor HERE.

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