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Modified Hypomania Symptom Checklist (HCL-32)

Energy, activity and mood

At different times in life, everyone experiences changes, fluctuations in energy, activity and mood (“highs and lows”)

The purpose of this questionnaire is to assess the characteristics of these “highs and lows”.


If you answered “YES” to 14 or more questions, it is highly likely that you suffer from bipolar spectrum disorder, which sometimes includes clinical and treatment-requiring forms of bipolar affective disorder (ChAD). However, the results of the questionnaire are only a suggestion and no firm conclusions about your condition can be drawn from them alone.

Thus, you should see a psychologist and/or psychiatrist if you experience frequent and/or severe mood changes (“swings”), irritability or other complaints (such as e.g. symptoms of anxiety, fatigue, significant loss of vital energy, intermittent substance abuse, behavioural disorders, etc.), if these aforementioned symptoms cause you distress and/or discomfort and impede your functioning and/or if they cause anxiety, surprise or fear in those around you.

You should therefore discuss the results of this test with a psychiatrist, psychologist or psychotherapist, especially if you are already being treated for recurrent depression, personality disorders, neurotic disorders, anxiety disorders or disorders related to drug abuse or substance abuse.

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