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Asperger syndrome & Rett syndrome

Asperger-Rett syndrome cannot be called diseases, they are merely spectrum disorders. Both conditions have a lot to do with autism.

These two dysfunctions are neurological in nature, Asperger is a milder case than Rett syndrome. However, in the case of Rett syndrome, it affects only half of the world’s population, it affects women and girls and leads to motor dysfunctions.

Asperger Rett syndrome

Asperger’s syndrome

This developmental disorder was first described by the physician Hans Asperger in 1944, from whom the name is derived. Asperger’s Syndrome is said to be a mild form of autism. It is an ailment of the nervous system. What’s more, people on spectrum have above average IQ and abilities in various areas on which they mainly focus. Such as: mathematics or physics. People with Asperger may also have Sven’s syndrome, which is a damaged left hemisphere of the brain. And be outstanding in one specific area while having trouble with basic tasks in other subjects.


A person suffering from this ailment usually has an above-average intellect. The first symptoms appear later than in the case of Autism, only between the ages of 3 and 8. However, the common denominator of Autism and Asperger are problems with social coexistence and the inability to react to everyday situations, which results in frustration and outbursts of anger. Many of the symptoms of this spectrum are confused with other conditions such as ADHD, schizophrenia, and childhood phobias. Therefore, you should consult a specialist at the first symptoms.
Patients who show symptoms of Asperger’s aren’t badly brought up, they weren’t unloved as children. The appearance of symptoms has no bearing on their pre-school education or family situation.

In many cases, their current condition is associated with complications during pregnancy or other unexplained factors. The main causes of Asperger’s syndrome are not clearly defined, it is widely believed that:

• Rubella during pregnancy,
• Induced labor,
• A pregnancy which was not carried or carried over too long,
• biogenetic predisposition,
• The body is burdened with heavy metals in a pregnant woman,
• reaction after vaccination,
• Congenital toxoplasmosis,
• Father’s age (children with fathers at the age of 40 are more likely to get sick)
• A baby’s low weight at birth is strongly related to the development of this spectrum.

If symptoms are noticed in a child as well as in an adult, it is difficult to identify. In an adult, symptoms that go undiagnosed are often considered to be just an eccentric. These people have a more difficult situation, they automatically try to adapt to the surrounding society with greater difficulty, without help. Adults with undiagnosed spectrum are more prone to depression.


In the case of the treatment of Asperger’s Syndrome, we cannot say about the cure and successful completion of the therapy, because the disease lasts for life.
The simplest test to diagnose the presence of this disease is the AQ (Autism-Spectrum Quotient) test, consisting of 50 questions, checking social skills, divisibility of attention and the individual’s focus on details.
When it comes to therapies, there are many. Each of the possible options is selected individually for each patient.

Rett syndrome

Rett syndrome is a neurological disorder, genetically determined. It comes from a mutation of the MECP2 gene, located on the X chromosome, and thus it affects only girls, the first symptoms can be noticed between the 6th and 18th month of normal development of the child.
The first person to diagnose and describe the symptoms was the Austrian pediatrician Anders Rett in 1965. Currently, this condition is commonly referred to as the Silence of the Angel, in connection with a documentary film about affected girls and their families.


The typical symptoms of this disease include:
• lack of manual dexterity – twisted fingers,
• lack of motor coordination,
• seizures,
• problems with contact with the outside world,
• avoiding eye contact,
• panic attacks, respiratory problems,
• curvature of the spine,
• muscle cramps,
• asymmetric head size with respect to the whole body.


This neurological disease has a long process. Both the parents and the pediatrician should carefully observe the baby girl.
Parents and children should visit a wide range of specialists in order to make an appropriate diagnosis, including: geneticist, gastrologist, orthopedist, psychiatrist, neurologist and cardiologist.

Rett syndrome with its symptoms is similar to Autism, it is associated with development disorders and a significant intellectual and motor disability.


As with other autism spectrum disorders, there is no primary treatment. Girls with this disease can only count on care from the family, as well as rehabilitation and speech therapist help. It is important to provide help from a psychologist for a girl who does not understand the world, due to the growing irritation and the lack of reconciliation with the environment. Maybe this silent angel bursts out into aggression out of helplessness, often leading to self-harm. You should remember about the support of psychologists for parents who find themselves in a very difficult situation.

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