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Cancer diagnosis and what to do?

The message can fall on you like a bolt from the blue: cancer. There is never a good time for this type of diagnosis. Hearing these words from your doctor may feel different emotions, but they will definitely be strong. It can be fear, anger, sadness. However, when the first emotions subside, you should see your doctor again for an interview to find out what the action plan is. Surely the doctor explained this on the day of diagnosis, but because of strong emotions you may not remember much.

You already know that cancer has attacked you. What’s next? How to proceed? What steps to take? This is what we’ll tell you in this article.

When a person with cancer comes into the family, the whole family becomes ill. It is connected with the change of the current life, not only of the sick person, but of the closest family. Such a person may break down, not feel like anything, so a lot of things can “fall apart”. Such a person will need our support at every level of life.

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If you’ve heard this terrible diagnosis, first of all, don’t panic (I know it’s easy to speak). You will need a detailed plan of action that you will follow through with a clear mind. You need to know as much as possible about your opponent and what the treatment options are.

Take control 

Treatment of cancer is usually hard, long and difficult. Cancer has its own rules, it does what it wants and you usually have no influence on what happens. However, you cannot do nothing. Take control of what you can.

-Find a partner, someone to go through with you

More fun in the group. Strength in the group. And not only in this case, but always. Troubles are always easier to deal with when we have support. It will be the same now. You must have someone by your side whom you can always count on. It can be a husband / wife, parent, child or friend. It is someone who will listen to you in moments of doubt. This is a person you can call anytime, even late at night. But most of all, such a person who will always advise, look for solutions, someone who wants to devote their time to you. It has to be a positive person because you will need it.

-Get organized

A lot is going to happen now. You will acquire knowledge that you had no idea about. The calendar will be filled to the brim, so you need to organize yourself well. Create a calendar or notebook in which you note everything down. Record all visits, consultations and treatments there. Take it with you to the doctor to write down the most important information he gives you. Write down the questions that pop up in your head on a regular basis to ask your doctor at your next visit.

-Get knowledge

You need to know your opponent as precisely as possible. What are the known methods of treatment, what are the prognosis. Who is the best specialist in the country and who is abroad. Get contacts to these people. Find out about the prices of domestic and foreign therapies. Use only recommended, proven sources. It is also a nice idea to use online forums, where you will have the opportunity to meet people suffering from the same disease, and exchange information with them. Maybe they have proven treatments, they will be able to help you. It is worth using proven methods. Also look for alternative treatment. Don’t use them for now, but it’s good to know about them. You need to know everything you can.

Use the knowledge of different doctors

You may have confidence in your doctor, but you won’t do anything wrong if you consult other oncologists. Each doctor has his own vision of treatment, so it is worth consulting different doctors. If you have financial possibilities, try to consult foreign doctors. Maybe they use treatment methods that are still unknown to us? Look for as many treatment options as possible so that if one method is not checked, you will have an alternative to another. Initially, however, limit yourself to comparing the opinions of no more than three doctors. If they are similar, don’t waste your time looking for other specialists, because there is a good chance that they will say the same.

Prepare yourself mentally

I know that it is difficult to come to terms with the diagnosis, my head is full of thoughts: “Why me?”, “What will happen, if it fails”? However, there is no need to guess and worry. It’s already happened, there’s nothing you can do about it. You have to prepare yourself mentally for a complete change of life, which will now be a series of treatments, tests, medications, possibly visits to a specialist, hospital stays. Each case is different. The treatment you and your doctor will take depends on various factors – the type of cancer, your age, location, stage of development, health condition. You can undergo various treatments that will fight for your health. And for that, too, you have to be prepared, you have to accept it. The psyche is very important and can work wonders.

Use the help of others (cancer)

The moment your family and friends know the diagnosis, they will want to help you. It can even be tiring at times, especially if you’ve used their help occasionally before. However, it is very important. It’s good to know who can help you and in times of trouble, or when you don’t have time (e.g. to cook a dinner for your child because you are visiting a doctor) to use them. Thank them for their concern and ensure that you will come forward to them when the need arises. And really do it. Don’t be shy to ask for help. You should focus on treatment and not worry about the lack of purchases or who will take your child to extra activities if you have a medical appointment. Every day, try to live as normally as possible, but ask for help when you miss the gate.


Hearing a cancer diagnosis may be the most difficult thing in your life. First of all, you can’t break down, just make a plan of action and fight! It is also worth talking to a psychologist if you are unable to deal with the situation that has arisen.

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