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Cystitis – symptoms, treatment

How is cystitis manifested?

Patients most often complain of pain during urination, frequent urination and pain in the lower abdomen. Occasionally there is blood in the urine. Laboratory tests show an increased number of white blood cells and bacteria in the urine sample.


Can cystitis be serious?

In certain situations, bacteria from the bladder may pass through the ureters, retrograde, into the renal pelvis and finally into the kidneys. Then we can deal with the so-called pyelonephritis. This condition is manifested by prolonged pain in the lower abdomen, pain when urinating, and pain in the lumbar region. Fever may occur, as well as a significant increase in inflammatory parameters in blood laboratory tests.

How should cystitis be treated?

Uncomplicated cystitis usually goes away on its own after a few days. To ensure a quick recovery and well-being during illness, it is worth hydrating the body. Frequent urination of larger amounts of urine promotes the flushing of microorganisms from the urinary tract. Regarding pharmacological methods, pharmacies offer both over-the-counter drugs and prescription drugs that are effective in combating. Before starting therapy, consult your doctor or pharmacist.

How can I prevent urinary tract infections?

Due to the anatomical structure of the genitourinary system, women are particularly exposed to urinary tract infections. Women who are prone to recurrent cystitis are advised to increase their fluid intake, urinate immediately after the onset of urgency and before going to bed and after intercourse, and to limit the use of irritating chemicals contained in bath cosmetics or barrier contraceptives.

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