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Lice – what is it, symptoms, treatment

What are lice and what is head lice?

Human louse is a small insect – a parasite that lives on human skin. Adult specimens do not exceed 5 mm in length. The disease caused  is called head lice. This problem most often affects preschoolers and students. Children spend a lot of time on joint activities that require direct contact with friends and colleagues. Such conditions are conducive to the spread of head.


How is head lice manifested?

Patients primarily complain of intense itching. We can then observe the constant scratching of the scalp. Scratches in turn lead to the formation of wounds and superinfections. Small (the size of a pinhead) eggs can often be seen at the base of the hair.

What are treated?

One of the basic methods of combating head is to use hair shampoos with an anti-parasitic substance. The shampoo is applied to wet hair for about 10 minutes, then washed with water and combed through the hair with a special comb. It is recommended to reapply the preparation after about 7-10 days – it is difficult to remove all the eggs at once. Pharmacies also offer products that do not contain antiparasitic substances. To choose the best method of fighting head for you, consult your doctor or pharmacist.

It is worth using the lice preparation in all family members. You should not use the same hair accessories, hats, towels and bedding. If we have noticed in a preschooler or a student, it is worth informing the institution attended by the child. Otherwise, the mentees can infect each other for many months.

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