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Drug or supplement – differences

Drug or supplement what difference?


Drug (medicinal product)

Diet supplement

Purpose of use:

prevention and treatment of existing diseases, diagnosis of conditions indicative of the disease

supplementing a normal diet, being a concentrated source of vitamins or minerals or other substances with a nutritional or other physiological effect


– appropriate clinical trials documenting the therapeutic effectiveness of the drug

– have the authorization number on the packaging

– have an information leaflet

– no clinical trials

– must bear the designation “Dietary Supplement”

– the information leaflet is not required

– no obligation to inform about interactions with drugs, alcohol, food

Admission to trading:

– Main Pharmaceutical Inspector and the Office for Registration of Medicines and Biocidal Products

– the permit is issued by the Ministry of Health

– Chief Sanitary Inspector and offices subordinate to him

Drug or supplement what difference?

In conclusion, the dietary supplement is intended to supplement deficiencies in the diet, it cannot be attributed to a therapeutic effect!

Dietary supplements should be used primarily by healthy people!

Remember that sources of vitamins are found in natural plant products that have many health benefits. Why use artificially produced means when we have plenty of fruit and vegetables on hand.

Drug or supplement

Do you need a doctor’s advice so that he can choose the right supplements for you, taking into account your health? Then try an online medical consultation with a prescription!

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