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Laryngologist – Who is it? What’s wrong?

Who is a laryngologist?

It never happens that we have a problem with bays. Most often it is a month of autumn and autumn, but it can stumble us forever. The problem with the bays is related to the pain in the bays, which. Along with them, I often have problems with the mountain roads. Most often we go on a visit to the doctor of the first contact. If you have enough frequent, recurring episodes, you should use it with the help of a specialist – a larynglogist.

Laryngology is the general name of a specialization such as otolaryngology. Otolaryngologists are involved in the treatment and diagnosis of diseases of the mouth (gr. Otos), nose (gr. Rynos), krtani (gr. Laryngos), gardła (gr. Pharyngos), but also other tools of the head and head, back and neck. ).


The doctor prescribes medication for this specialization and performs surgical procedures for infantile bumps, salivary glands, tongue, skin surgery, as well as its reconstruction.

Otolaryngology is a wide range. It is divided into several subsexuals:

phoniatrię – bada zaburzenia speech and hearing;
audiology – perhaps the inaccuracies of hearing and speech, which arise from it;
runology – occupies the constrictions of the nose and the bays of the princes;
neurootology – deals with the prevention of balance and hearing disorders;
cup surgery – gathered for the treatment of scalp along the edges of the tissues of the internal glands, moles, gullets, and also the buttocks raised in the edge of the cerebral cortex,
laryngological oncology – a part dedicated to the neoplasm localized in the border of the neck and head. We also distinguish laryngological children with oncology.

What announcements do patients consult with laryngologists?

The fact that all the tools are planted in the vicinity of the house in the immediate vicinity of the business, they are already connected to each other and can separate themselves. Below is a list of the problems that a doctor deals with in this specialization:

sore throat,
ear pain, mouth noise, hearing impairment,
snoring and idleness,
head twists and balance disturbances, about the character of the overwhelmed, returning and comprehensible,
stubborn, difficult to cure catarrh,
sore throat,
tired breathing,
recurrent headaches,
pollution of taste and taste,
buttocks and head.

Do patients with laryngitis come to the laryngologist?

As mentioned above, laryngology is a broad specialization. The long spectrum of action of a laryngologist is wide. Frequent infections, during which patients visit a laryngologist for recurrent infections, conditions of the larynx and gulf, but not only. Also:

bone attacking bone tissue,
overgrowth of almonds,
nasal polyps and moles,
nasal movement of the nose,
mechanical injuries and fractures of the nose,
snoring and idle senny,
Sjögren’s wife (wads of ryegrass and salivary glands about autoimmune character),
Meniere’s Choir
innovations in the edge of the head and neck

In children, the most serious problems include inflammatory conditions of the ear and nosebleeds.

A visit to a laryngologist – what do you remember?

A visit to a laryngologist, as with the visit of any other specialist, begins with a general medical examination. In the course of this conversation it is necessary to give to the doctor all notes, disturbing announcements which we have noticed in ourselves. Kiesy ads are violent and possibly do things that make us feel better. This information can be very helpful in making a diagnosis. A laryngologist may inquire about the symptoms of recent illnesses, but some illnesses may be left in the body of the poor. Next, the doctor will start taking a bribe. Sprawdzi np. increase in the number of knots, or tonsils.

Assessment of the state of health of the nose, mouth, tonsils is possible with the use of laryngological instruments: otoscope, endoscope, bronchoscope and microscope. If the patient’s condition requires more in-depth diagnostics, the laryngologist can perform an X-ray or computed tomography scan. It can also cure badania blood. In some cases, it may be possible to perform endoscopy or puncture of the bay.

Birth of laryngological patients

The tasks performed by a laryngologist include:

outside the ear and the surrounding area,
otoscopy – examination of the external auditory canal and eardrum,
rhinoscopy – nasal cavity
rhinoscopy of the back – thrusting of the nasal throat through the oral cavity with the help of a chandelier and a bed,
median laryngoscopy – a movement of the mole with the help of a mirror, including the assessment of the part of the mole’s throat,
admission of the joints of the schlony.

Laryngologically ill and their scurvy

Transformed parasites left in the initial stage of the disease can be life-threatening. You don’t have to read a lot of greedy posts. The most common diagnosis is due to the plausibility of the treatment.

Lower cases may require surgical intervention:

moving the nasal septum,
polyps in the nose of the gardle or the bays,
increase of the third amygdala.

Any kind of oral problem can lead to serious hearing problems, and even to complete deafness. Snoring can be a sign of haymaking, which is very dangerous.

A visit to a laryngologist in case of the appearance of higher symptoms should be a priority.

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