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Back pain – doctor’s advices

About 90% of people experience back pain during their lifetime, making it one of the most common reasons for visiting GPs / night and holiday medical assistance. Significant factors in the appearance of pain are a sedentary lifestyle and obesity – the scourge of modern times… Fortunately, you do not have to see a doctor, in the era of a pandemic, it is worth using an online medical consultation, during which an experienced doctor will check your health.

back pain

Back pain is defined as, for example, a feeling of muscle tightness or stiffness in the back. Pain may be in the cervical (called “neck pain”), the thoracic or lumbar region (“back pain” – the most common location) and may radiate along one or both upper limbs, respectively, to the trunk (intercostal nerves) or along one or both lower limbs (thigh or sciatica).

Due to its duration, back pain is divided into acute (<4 weeks), subacute (from 4 weeks to 3 months) and chronic (> 3 months).

After excluding some causes of specific back pain, the doctor determines conservative treatment adequate for the patient. It is also advisable to rest, refrain from doing physical work, lifting heavy objects from the ground, exercising in the gym. Nevertheless, limiting physical activity (including professional activity) or rest in bed – if necessary at all – should be as short as possible. Swimming is especially recommended for sports activities – incl. due to the significant relief of the spine.

(in the case of lumbar pains, it is especially recommended to swim in the freestyle – crawl, while when the pain concerns the cervical – the backstroke is the style recommended by physiotherapists).

Prepared on the basis of the textbook by Interna E. Szczeklik.

If your spine hurts, do not hesitate, try an online medical consultation.

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