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Depression – a few facts about the disease

Today I would like to introduce you to the topic of depression and give you some facts about this disease. If you have disturbing symptoms, it is worth using an online medical consultation with an e-prescription or the free and anonymous psychological and psychiatric help “Pomoc w Kryzysie”.

depression pills
  • A common disease: up to 1.5 million people in Poland are ill, and over 350 million worldwide!
  • In 2017, monthly patients bought almost 2 million packages of antidepressants in Polish pharmacies
  • 20-40 is the age range in which depression is most often diagnosed
  • is more common in women (twice as often)
  • the most common cause of disability due to a medical condition (after ischemic heart disease)

  • up to 80% of sufferers have thoughts of suicide

  • about 3,800 people die every day from this disease

  • an untreated depressive episode lasts up to 9 months
    modern medicine can treat depression effectively

  • in the UK, it has been calculated that one pound (£ 1) that has been allocated to early diagnosis and early treatment of depression in the UK gives a financial return of 500% of the initial contribution – i.e. five pounds.

Symptoms of a depressive episode include:

  • decrease in mood, energy and loss of the ability to enjoy everyday life

  • problems with concentration and attention, lowered self-esteem and self-confidence

  • guilt, pessimistic view of the future

  • problems with sleeping and eating (decreased appetite)

  • suicidal thoughts and attempts

If you have symptoms of depression, do not hesitate to make an appointment for an online medical consultation.

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